Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Trying Nadine West

I recently posted about how disappointed I was with my first Stitch Fix shipment
Facebook was running a sponsored post for Nadine West that if you did a survey about why you wanted the service you could save the $3 styling fee. 

I was pretty pleased with my first shipment. First of all, it's only $3 shipping/styling fee so even if I don't keep anything, no biggie - I'm not out a ton of money. 

I received 2 shirts and 2 pieces of jewelry in this month's shipment. 

My first shirt, I'm honestly not a fan of but by the way they did the style profile where I clicked images of graphic tee's, I can see how they would think I would like it.

This shirt was $28.11 In my opinion much more reasonably priced! 
I sent it back with some feedback about what images on my shirts I will/won't wear.

My second shirt was my favorite! 

The front of the shirt is *very* sheer as in if you're standing close you'll see my bra & everything under... but I'm almost always wearing a tank or nursing top under my shirts so while that wasn't my favorite, it's not a deal killer for me! Love the floral style. This shirt is $26.86 & I decided to keep it!

You can kind of see in my awful photos that I have on a nice statement necklace - this was one of the pieces of jewelry I received this month. It's cute, goes nicely with this shirt and I like it. I don't love that it costs almost as much as the shirt ($24.99). I have a similar style necklace and in my thrift shopping trips I frequently see very similar necklaces for $5-ish so I decided to pass.

My necklace and bracelet from this shipment. The bracelet was nice enough, but just not really my style. It was $16.99 The stones were nice and weighty and I felt like the price was pretty reasonable for it. 

I love that you get several days to send the items back. I received mine on Tuesday and didn't have to send it back until the next Monday. Much more realistic than the 3 day turn around that Stitch Fix asks for.

There are a couple of things that I feel like they're still working out as a new company. It wasn't easy to find where to put my feedback on each item. You click shipment history, on the left side you can click the shipment which is hyperlinked and that's where you can find a place to give your feedback. I just feel like this should be on the front page of my individual profile in a really obvious place. 

Overall, I'm really happy with the experience and will use Nadine West again! 

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