Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Kidlet Update

I miss blogging. I think about it often, but sitting down to write just doesn't happen often. Truth be told, there are several things I really aught to be doing right now instead of writing this but #selfcare 
I think I miss the journaling aspect the most. It's one of the main reasons I began blogging, to journal our life for myself and my children when they're grown one day. 

I haven't done an update on Ada since she was 3 months old. I have done a good job keeping up with her baby book calendar though. 

  • Ada will be 2 in July, she is 1 year 9 months old.
  • She is a big kid! She's tall for her age and I'm frequently asked in stores if the girls are twins or "how close are they?" - Cora is small, Ada is big. They can wear each others clothing except long pants. 
  • Ada goes by Ada-May, Ada-gator, pterodactyl (not so much anymore but she still has a shrill cry), sissy.
  • Ada eats like a champ. She loves her vegetables, particularly broccoli. She will steal bites of our salads. Zuchini, squash, asaparagus and green beans are a few of her other favorites. 
  • We still co-sleep and she nurses herself to sleep. She sleeps a lot better when John puts her down & doesn't really come searching for milkies during the night. She hates pajamas, hates being covered up or being touched while she sleeps. 
  • She is a great napper! She will come tell me she's ready for a nap between 11 and 1 each day depending on what time she woke up and how busy we've been that day. She will take a second nap in later afternoon if we've had an early, busy day. 
Napping at the Birth Center while Mommy cleans after births

  • She doesn't seem ready to potty train. She will sit on her sister's potty chair and pretend, but she doesn't show any other signs of readiness. She has to wear hypoalergenic diapers, size 5. I have started and stopped using cloth several times, I'm just too busy to keep up with it. 
  • Her favorite TV shows are Doc McStuffins, Daniel Tiger and Sesame Street. 
  • She is pretty verbal! She's definitely more verbal than Cora was at this age, so I'm just comparing between the two of them. She can say Mama, Daddy, Cora "corwawa", papa, dog, ball, no (she's really good at this one...), uh huh, uh oh, hot dog, just to name a few. There are so many more but it's hard to keep track. 

  • Coralie is 3 years & 8 months old and will be 4 in October
  • She's pretty small for her age. She wears 3T dresses, but needs 2T pants for length most of the time. 
  • Cora goes by Cora-lizzard, lizzy, sister, turkey
  • She is really good at playing "possum" (pretending to sleep). She has fooled us many times, but on the bright side, she's quiet when she pretends to sleep! 
  • She hates us brushing her hair, it is a frequent fight. 
  • She loves the idea of swimming but then freaks out when we actually want her in the water. It makes her nervous if she sees me swimming off into water away from the side of the pool. We're going to need to do swim lessons soon.
  • She loves reading books and identifying different things in the pictures.
  • She can count to ten, but refuses to say the number three. She can, she just thinks it's funny that it bothers us so much that she won't.
  • She will repeat the alphabet with us and can say the next letter if I start with A, she'll say B, then I say C etc. but she won't just recite it.
  • When I'm leaving for work, particularly in a hurry for a birth she will come up and give me a hug and ask if I'm "going to help a lady have a baby?"
  • She frequently pretends to go to work. She'll come up to me with her purse and keys and give me hugs and kisses. Sometimes I can understand the word "baby" in what she says she's going to work to do. 
  • She is potty trained... mostly! She will use the potty chair at home, but refuses to use our toilet. She uses the toilet with a child seat at my dad's house. She is terrified of public toilets so we drive around with potty chairs in the cars so we can escape to the van/car if she needs to potty. We're working with her on recognizing needing to go before we go in & trying verses telling me when there's not much time to do something about it. She still wears pull ups to church or any time she's in someone else care. She usually won't talk to her teachers/babysitters etc to tell them she needs to go to the bathroom so she has accidents. She has gotten to where she can make it through church without needing to potty until she's with us.

    • I'm dreading vacation this summer. We will have long stretches in the car & quick outings so for all of that she can just use her potty chair but while we're in Washington DC she's going to have to just go in her pull up if she hasn't gotten over the toilet thing. She'll tell me she needs a "diaper change" after she makes a mess... 
  • Her anxieties about being left somewhere are much better. There are still usually some tears, but she settles down quickly and is fine. 
  • Both girls love going to RaceTrac and getting a taquito and coke (Ada can say "coke" well!). This is a typical grandpa outing for them while I'm at work. 
  • The car wash is another favorite outing. She will ask to be unbuckled from her car seat & climb up to the front to sit in our laps while the car is washed. 

Oh my goodness I could keep going, but I'll just have to remember to include other things in future posts! 

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