Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Glam Bag Review from an Un-Glam Girl

I have been loving getting my Ipsy subscription bags! I received this bag back in February, I'm not sure why I can't pull up pictures of my December and January bags, but maybe I'll track them down and review them another time. For my February bag something I particularly loved was the price point on most of the products, it was something I'd actually be willing to go out and spend if I loved the product. Nothing is worse than falling in love with an expensive cosmetic you know you'll never purchase! 

There are a few things in this bag that I loved this time! 

First up, BellaPierre Water-proof volume lash mascara

I like the length of the wand and it provides good coverage but it takes forever to dry. I'm not sure if this is a common thing with water proof mascara in general? I haven't used it often in the past but any time I attempt to wear it, I end up smudging it everywhere. I've tossed it in the pool bag for summer but it really isn't a favorite for the smudge reason. Though, I have to say - I love the price point! My favorite mascara is still The Balm Mad Lash that I received in my first Ipsy bag. It's about 3x this price point but since the sample tube has lasted me about 6 months, I'm thinking it will be worth the investment!

Promise Organic Coconut Daily Face Wash

This was a favorite! I love how refreshed and clean my face felt after using this product, it didn't feel dry at all which is an issue with my face. I have tucked the rest of this sample away in my doula bag so I can treat myself to an amazing face wash when I'm at long births. When it runs out, I will likely purchase another! 

NYX Cosmetics Butter Lipstick in Ripe Berry

This was another favorite! The lipstick goes on so smooth and stays put! It's not super glossy but not as flat and matte as some others I've tried. I think the price point is also great on this one! 

Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish

When I saw the picture for what I was getting in my Feb Glam Bag (I always check the spoilers) I was so excited to be getting the fun color. When it arrived though it was a different color (I didn't read the 'OR' in the description). I thought I was getting "I give good tweet" but actually got "$12 Latte" I do really like the polish. It goes on so nice and smooth. When I did the first coat I thought it was going to be too sheer but a second coat made for great coverage and I didn't really have trouble with it chipping! The $12 Latte color is a deep brown but it looks black unless you're in bright direct sun light. I'm just not really a dark nail polish girl, but I'll hang on to it and try again this fall/winter.

It costs a bit more than what I would normally spend on nail polish, but it works well, so I'd probably splurge for a color I love. 

Organic Pharmacy Lip & Eye Cream

I feel very meh about this one. I'm not much of a lip or eye cream gal. It has a kind of blah taste to it so I'm not really likely to use it on my lips and I don't have an evening makeup/facial routine - I just fall into bed so I'm not sure when I'd use the eye cream. 

Overall, I think this was one of my better glam bags, especially in regards to price of products.

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