Monday, November 30, 2015

The day Ada rolled over and I got my hair cut.

Last Saturday was your average run of the mill day around the house but of course being a day with lots of projects there were plenty of opportunities for disasters and we didn't make it without incident.

Let me preface the telling of the day's events with our goals & game plan. We needed to get a couple of projects done, the house tidied (all the junk picked up) and then actually clean before guests next week. I had a hair appointment at 10:30 and John was going to leave at 3:30 to drive 2 hours to have dinner with a friend who is in Texas from Boston. 

The girls woke us up at 7:30. We hung out in bed for about 30 minutes playing and giggling as John tickled Cora and she made faces so Ada would laugh. We got up and started breakfast, getting girls diapers changed and dressed and me getting ready to leave at 10:00 for my hair appointment. John dove right in on project #1, repairing the toilet so it would flush without having to take the lid off and manually flushing it (so now one of our 2 toilets is fully operational...always something with this house). I nursed Ada one last time & out the door I went. 

While getting my hair cut John kept both girls alive (his first time to keep them both by himself!) and got most of the dining room cleaned up. Oh, and Ada rolled over for the first time and I missed it. We had talked about him not putting her down to do belly time because she was close to rolling and I wanted to see it but he needed to set her down for a minute and she immediately rolled like she'd been doing it her whole life (1 day before turning 4 months old). John was going to restage it and video so I wouldn't feel like I had missed it but the only video John got was of the 3rd roll that was actually Cora shoving Ada over #rollsissyroll #nicetrydad

I get home and we need to move a sectional, like 4 huge chairs and many other pieces of furniture out of the shipping container storage to get to a spare washing machine because mine is broken and I've given up on successfully repairing it. As we start this project I am getting Cora lunch and discover the refrigerator has died. I call my Dad and brother Robert to get them started on that disaster.

I get Ada down for a nap, bundle Cora up so she can play outside and join John in the storage project. As we do this Cora was in the way when a big gust of wind blew the storage door shut throwing a headboard onto Cora knocking her onto the ground. I saw it from afar and it was like one of those slow motion horror movie scenes! God was watching out for us because it hit her between the slats of the headboard and she landed on the soft ground rather than into one of the many pieces of furniture sitting just behind where she landed. 

We recovered from that scare, get the washer inside, all the furniture back in storage plus some stuff from inside that needed to be stored and go back inside. I put a very tired Cora at the table to eat a snack and move frozen now thawing food to the deep freeze as John hooks up the Washer

Well, as he hooked up the hoses he started the water before getting them tight. Love you dear, but definitely going to require pliers not jut hand tightening. So I pulled the stove out (our washer/dryer are in the kitchen) to clean up the water flood to discover that the reason our dishwasher won't work is the plug isn't plugged in. Indeed the dishwasher I had declared dead and borrowed a countertop dishwasher from my brother in Tyler after hand washing our dishes for the past year....

Anyway I am good and mad now at the water mess I'm mopping up and as I rant about it and asking John whether or not he got the drain hooked up properly (basically yelling because the dryer has a bearing going out so it's super loud so I have to shout to be heard) I glance into the dining room where Ada is in her highchair chewing on a toy and Cora is eating veggie straws and there is a BAG OF VEGGIE STRAWS ON FIRE in the middle of my dining room table on top of a lace table cloth!!!!!!!!!! I yell "fire", John calmly walks over and puts out the fire as if he puts out flaming bags of chips on a regular basis and puts out the candle he had lit on the table (yeah, not the greatest move....) all while I'm still trying to climb out from behind the stove over the counter. 

After the fire debacle, we run a load of laundry, John leaves, I put both girls down for a nap and proceed to clean house. Later today my Dad and brother will bring the refrigerator from their garage to use until we can fix ours (or the more likely option of getting rid of ours and just using their garage fridge). 

I'm not sure if I'm running a household or a zoo/3-ring circus.
Oh, and did I mention I love my new haircut?! 

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