Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Cora Lizzy - 2 years old!

Our sweet Coralie turned two on the 21st. I though it would be fun to document some of her fun, 2 year old self things.

- she loves to drink from water bottles, really whatever she sees us drinking from. I wouldn't recommend sharing with her though, the level of disgusting backwash is amazing!

- this time Last year she was mostly weaned from pacifiers but then she found one in a toy box. When Daddy is around she only gets them to sleep. With me, I'm not up to having that fight so she uses them at will. 

- she picks through her pacifiers and picks her favorite. She'll put the preferred paci in her mouth as she hands off her cast off to me.

- she doesn't like being in the littlest bit of a dirty diaper. She isn't verbal enough to potty train yet but she'll pat her dirty diaper and say "uhhhh, uhhhh" to us. For my Dad, she climbs up into his lap and sticks her hiney in his face!

- she is your average 2 year old with getting into stuff! Just this morning she used a case of water bottles as a step stool to pull leftover cupcakes off the counter & help herself to some for breakfast. 

- she loves music! She dances to some songs, but not all. She has one awesome head bob down! Her favorite is The theme song to Fresh Prince and will shake her car seat like crazy when she hears it!

- Barney is her favorite show! She has learned to navigate to it with our Fire Stick remote in Amazon Prime and Netflix! 

- Tex-Mex is still her favorite food! She's just like her mommy & the way to her heart is through yummy & spicy food! This kid eats chips and salsa like a pro!

- Dolly is her favorite toy and she plays so sweetly with her! 

We kept birthday celebrations simple this year. On her birthday we celebrated with pizza at CiCi's (one of her favorites) and cake and gifts at my Dad's house.

Her birthday cake, far from perfect, is actually a bit of a story in it's self. 
I came across the cake pan in my Dad's attic. My mom made dozens of birthday cakes for us in this Barney pan growing up. I loved sharing this memory with her!

Then over the weekend we visited with John's family and had a small celebration with them.
Coralie's Chipaw made several of her favorite foods: chicken nuggets, tator tots, chips and queso, beans for dinner. We had pie for dessert because John and I were rather tired of cake after she had cupcakes at school and cake for her birthday. It was a week full of sweets! 



  1. Aww! I can't believe she is two. Time flies by entirely too fast. Sounds like she had a lovely birthday celebration (or celebrations!). I love that she loves Tex-Mex.

  2. Oh how sweet! My grandbaby is 27 months old, so I can relate to your "list". They are so cute at that age. Today was grandma's day with my little Otto. What a beautiful family you have.


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