Monday, June 4, 2012

Two Birds, One Stone... (#6 & #52)

       This past weekend John's cousin, Drew, graduated from High School! John being an only child is very close to his cousins - much like brothers! Drew and his family live in the Houston area and unfortunately we haven't had an opportunity to see them since our wedding about a year and a half ago!  We've been looking forward to the trip for a long time and it also happened to cross off #6 on my 101 List

Left to Right: me, John, Drew, Michele, Chip

us at Uncle Mike and Aunt Val's house
        We were at Uncle Mike & Aunt Val's house after graduation on Friday and we hadn't really made plans for that night or the rest of the trip, but had other plans and an obligation for Saturday so we didn't have a lot of time to do much of anything.  This was the birth of the plan to load up and go to Galveston for the night!  It was just less than an hour away from their house and we had so much fun! (and crosses off #52 of a trip to Galveston!)

        We got into town in time for a late dinner at Gaidos (a local seafood tradition in Galveston), which was delicious! and after we checked into their hotel on the sea wall we went for a stroll on the beach! I love the ocean (yes, I know the gulf isn't the prettiest body of water around - but in Texas it is all we get and I appreciate it!) it is the quintessential romantic getaway in my opinion!  So glad we took the time to drive the little extra for a wonderfully memorable trip!



Headed out for our walk on the beach.

       The next morning we got up early, played in the water some and checked out of the hotel and headed off for the rest of the weekend adventures!

       This weekend we also had the opportunity to meet up with John's childhood friend Mitchell and his sweet girlfriend, Becca.  It was great seeing them and spending some time together!  They are the couple we will be going with on the cruise this fall! (Can't wait!!)  
Drew Walking!!

Drew and his adorable girlfriend, Maddie

Lawrence E. Elkins High School Graduating Class of 2012

Family at the Graduation party

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