Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Grey... it's the new Beige!

       I have quite honestly never painted a room from start to finish by myself* before this past weekend! A pain in the toosh? yes. Rewarding? yes.

* I did have the very capable help of my husband who did over 3 hours of prep work and the bulk of the walls on both coats while I did the detail work of cutting out, and edges etc.

       This was the second half of my weekend painting adventures!  (By the way... we also had time to take all the furniture out of our bedroom and rip the carpet up! it is being painted this upcoming weekend.)  I didn't have a particular color in mind but had been playing around with the idea of a nice, rich Grey. Our towels for that bathroom are teal/turquoise and brown - I thought Grey would be a nice neutral without being a generic beige.  I ended up with Glidden's Granite Grey (paint & primer in one, it took 2 coats)

     This is our "little" bathroom before painting.  John had hauled all the junk out of the room and wiped down the walls when I took the picture. There was enough natural light in the room at that moment to make the walls almost not look as terrible as they truly were.

(Little bathroom from the perspective next to the toilet. I wasn't kidding... it's small! and disregard that door that needs to be replaced...)

In this picture you can sort of see the color of the pretty, new grey walls. I took it late at night so there wasn't any more natural light in the room to help the image.

Voila! A complete bathroom! I still have a few details to attend to. I need to re-hang the curtains in the window. They're a gauzy teal color.  I also have a shelf that belongs above the toilet but I painted it bronze and I was waiting for it to dry when I took this picture.

I'm so excited and can't wait to paint the bedroom next!  I've already started working on the extensive repairs the walls need prior to painting.  : )

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