Friday, June 8, 2012

My Current Obsessions...

  • Greys Anatomy. I can't really say it is a new obsession. I go through fazes of interest and mild obsession and I know it was something great (or at least in my opinion) if I come back to it. About a year ago I discovered the wonderful world of Seattle Grace, Meredith Grey and Derek Shepard & I haven't looked back.  The end of Season 8 just aired a couple of weeks ago - there is something to be said for Netflix because I couldn't just stop watching so I decided to start again from the beginning. I'm about half way through Season 2 and I can't wait for Season 9 to start this fall! 

I love purple!
  •  I got a new couple of cake decorating toys!! Now I'm just waiting for an occasion to bake up a storm!  I plan to make these two cakes next with my fancy new gadgets!  Let me know if you can think of an excuse for me to bake! I wish there were a reasonable way for me to bake for a living, but I don't fool myself into believing that I'm that talented, and I'm pretty certain that if I depended on it for an income it would take the joy out of it. So pretty!  Can it really be as easy as she says?  Less than 10 minutes?  Seriously?   Check out the tutorial for the rose cakes at i am baker!

    Rant: There is a new cupcake shop about a block up from my office and I love running up there about once a week with my friend Frances - but geeze... we pay $2.50 for a cupcake! I get why they charge that for individual cupcakes, after all they are running a business based on small treats - but a box of a dozen cupcakes isn't much of a price break coming out at roughly $2.30 each. End Rant.
  •  And lastly, and the most productive (and healthy) of my current obsessions... is house work! I'm sitting at my desk and fidgeting because I'm not home cleaning my kitchen. While the house needs a good cleaning (and I know it) I know that my time would be better spent doing repairs and improvements to the house and cleaning later.  Hopefully my cleaning/working obsession will be channeled into something productive soon! 

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