Monday, November 7, 2016

Weekend Recap & My Favorite Food Hack

This weekend was honestly one of my favorites in a long time and it was so simple!
I'm linking up with Momfessional's for Let's Talk - Recipes. At the end of the post I've shared one of my favorite food hacks for cooking chicken! 

Friday John stayed home with us. He has a few days of personal time that has to be used before the end of the year and everyone else is out of town for a conference so he couldn't be productive at work anyway...
So, we cleaned house! It was a much needed cleaning (and isn't done, if I'm being honest...) but we got the living room and dining room furniture adjusted so there's more room for the girls to play!

Saturday John was playing in a softball tournament on the other side of the metroplex and I was on call so I had to stay close to home. I hung out at my Dad's house all day while I baked! We were taking a cake to share with the Sunday School teachers at church for a training Sunday afternoon and Sunday night I was taking a meal to a family from church that has a sweet new baby.
It required a trip to the grocery store which is always a blast with 2 kids, so of course PawPaw went along! 
We were all sporting our Texas Tech gear, even though we still managed to loose the game...

Ada showing PawPaw what she wanted at the store! She was a girl on a mission.
 I made Salted Caramel Mocha cake from Mix and Match Mama's recipe. It was delicious!!

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Sunday we went to church, but for the first time in the better part of a year we made it to the early service and then to Married Bible Fellowship during the 2nd service (basically Sunday School for married couples). We tried Cora in the service for the first time in about 9 months. Last time we tried having her in "big church" with us, we decided we'd wait and start working on that after she turned 3. It's really important to me for my kids to be in church, not back in childcare (though our childcare is awesome and they have great lessons!) the whole time. My mom never put us in nursery, I'm not really sure how she handled teaching us to sit through church though and Dad doesn't remember the specifics.
So, for my food hack...
After lunch Sunday I started cooking dinner for us & for the family from church. I was making a chicken tortilla soup. This is the recipe I started using years ago, but really it's what I call a "dump soup" as in I just dump whatever we have around the house in. It's so easy and always tastes delicious, no matter what random ingredients I put in (different beans, rice, vegetables etc).

When I buy chicken I purchase fryer thighs or a similar cut of meat from the butcher (you usually have to purchase this in a store that has an actual butcher). It's dark meat, usually a big thigh attached to a drumstick with bones, skin etc. Then I go home and cook it with whatever vegetables I have around needing to be cooked or what would go in that weeks soup (I usually make a soup at least once a week) to create broth for that weeks soup! After I boil the chicken, cool it, and debone it I have enough chicken for the soup and usually one or two other meals for that week and a huge batch of broth that's healthy and preservative free!

On Sunday, I stepped up my game and made the broth using my pressure cooker. I have had an electric pressure cooker for years but just recently started using it after the Instant Pot gained popularity and recipes started popping up everywhere. I use it probably once a week but this was the first time I cooked the chicken in it like this. Y'all, it was life changing! It made the most hearty broth I've ever made!! It was so rich and deep. The chicken just fell off of the bone, I had a hard time getting it out of the pot. Deboning it was just a matter of picking it up with tongs. I will do a tutorial on this soon, it's that amazing and so simple to make a healthy, whole food staple for your family! It took the same amount of time as it did to boil it on the stove top, 30 minutes in the pressure cooker (plus the 10 or so minutes while it built pressure), but I could just walk away from the pressure cooker and do other stuff where as I watch a pot on the stove much closer to make sure it doesn't boil over etc. Also, since it was so easy to de-bone the chicken, I saved a ton of time not needing to cool the chicken enough to handle it (normally the most tedious part of the process), I just picked it up and it fell apart!

Do you have an electric pressure cooker? What are your favorite things to cook in it?

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