Thursday, November 17, 2016

Guys Behind the Blog // November

I'm linking up with these lovely ladies for one of my favorite series ever, Guys Behind the Blog! You can find a link to join in too here

1 // What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish? What is your least favorite?
Pecan pie (which he pronounced as "pee-can pie" LOL) or green bean casserole, as long as there aren't mushrooms! (he's allergic) Canned cranberry sauce, or fruit cake!
2 // What is a Thanksgiving tradition you liked growing up that you want to continue with your family? For example: Do you eat super early around 3pm or regular dinner time around 6pm? Do you watch football? Do you all go to a particular family member's house? Do you nap after the big meal?
We always eat, then watch football and afterwards start gearing up to decorate for Christmas! 

3 // What are your thoughts on Black Friday shopping? Yay or nay?
Absolutely "nay". Online shopping is okay I guess. I really dislike the crowds and getting up early from a tryptophan induced coma ;) 

4 // If you had it your way, would you set up your holiday decorations (Christmas tree, Hanukkah menorah, etc.) before or after Thanksgiving?
After, because before is obnoxious! My wife wants to put up a "thanksgiving tree", basically a Christmas Tree with fall stuff on it. I'm not so sure about that either.

5 // What are you most thankful for this year?
Good health for our family. For job stability, and for Rebekah's business doing well.  My good looks... haha don't put that down! (I didn't listen... shhh!)

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