Monday, November 14, 2016

Life Lately

This past week has been a fun and memorable week! On Tuesday morning John woke up to his alarm and saw a text from his boss that the office had flooded and that he should work from home. Turns out that flooded puts his office building mildly so he worked from home for the rest of the week and will probably be working from home the better part of the month! 

Of course Tuesday was also a historic day in America! 
I dressed the girls in their patriotic gear, because regardless of the election outcome, we are still Americans! Ada is wearing Cora's shirt from Joshua's home coming last year. I never could get her to sit still enough to where you can read it in a picture, but it says "My uncle is my Hero. Proud niece of a U.S. Marine"

It also took dum dum suckers to bribe them to sit for the picture. 
The quilt that they're sitting on has scriptures written on it and was presented to my younger brother after he joined the Marines by our home church. There are sweet ladies involved in the quilt ministry and they pray over the men and women they are preparing the quilts for as they sew. Such a neat ministry. 

That evening I went to a leadership planning meeting for our local Birth Network and then went to my Dad's house to join in on the family's election watch. We had expected results to come in quicker & it be a landslide one way or another. After it got so late waiting on a definitive answer as to who won (and both girls having fallen asleep) we decided that we were just going to crash at my Dad's house that night. 

Wednesday morning we got up so early and loaded the girls still in their diapers (the way they slept) and headed to Dallas for Cora's check up with her Rhumatologist at Scottish Rite Hospital.

Cora's knee doesn't have active inflammation right now, and none of her other joints are showing active inflammation (which is the extreme swelling you see with JRA) but the knee still cannot fully extend. She's also been having some trouble with stiffness and pain when the weather changes or we have a storm (Monday was rough for her, I cancelled all of our outings so she could just stay inside and rest) so the doctors are recommending that she go back onto a therapeutic dosage (read: insanely large doses for her little body) of an anti inflammatory drug. She responded very well to this last time, so we are praying that it is effective (along with some therapy & exercises) and that her body continues to tolerate the meds well.

After the appointment we stopped by John's office that isn't far from the hospital so he could clear his desk & pick up his dual monitors to make working from home easier. Then, because the day hadn't been exciting enough, we headed to Fort Worth for Cora's check up with her Ophthalmologist. That check up went perfectly! The JRA hasn't affected her eyes yet & she's good to wait another 3 months before being seen again. 

John went on home and worked until well in the evening while I kept the girls out of his hair at my Dad's house and prepared for my brothers arrival the next day!

Thursday my brother Jacob drove in from Tyler to join us to pick up Joshua from the airport! It ended up being a crazy morning. The website showed that Josh's flight was delayed so we stopped and had breakfast, basically wasted time & as we were finally leaving Denton Josh texted to tell us he was at baggage claim and where were we? I realized it was silly for me to drive all that way just to pay to drive through the airport so Ada & I ran some errands while Dad, Jacob & Cora got Josh from the airport and then I joined them with Robert for lunch.

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Friday was a full day of errands, a quick play date and more errands - mostly trying to stay out of the house while John's working at home so he can actually work.

Saturday I co-hosted a baby shower for some sweet ladies I know from Mom's Bible Study at church with Angela and Alyssa. I'll share more pictures in a separate post. It came together so well & we had a lot of fun! 

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The rest of the day was spent with family, Jacob and Stephanie were in town. It's so rare to have everyone under the same roof these days, we soak up the time when it happens! 

Yesterday was a typical day, church (we managed to make it to the early service and go to Bible Study after for the 2nd week in a row! Celebrate the little things!) lunch after services at my Dad's house and then I went to a friends Lu La Roe pop up party & bought this Nicole!! 

I love LLR clothes so much! I am not a person that likes to clothes shop, at all! I also don't like spending money, at all. But, I really love LLR and the way the clothes fit and when it comes down the price per wear, I'm not dying over the cost! I feel like that's likely going to get it's own post too! 

I'm looking forward to another full week with friends and family and I can't believe that Thanksgiving is right around the corner!! I started meal planning for the various holiday events today. It will be here before we know it!

How was your weekend? 

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  1. Yay for getting to work from home! That’s awesome. I will cry if I ever have to go back to working in an office. Working at home is such a blessing! The girls are so cute in their patriotic gear. What a great thing the quilt ministry is. I just love that! I am praying those prayers with you for Cora. Sounds like a busy, but good weekend filled with lots of family time!


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