Saturday, March 28, 2015

World Doula Week (& an Annoucement!)

I have been planning out this post and wanting to sit down and write it for days. Long story, but we haven't had internet and my laptop (temporarily) died at the hands of a particular 17 month old... so blogging, or really much of anything has been quite the challenge of late. I will update more on life soon, but I really want to talk about Doulas! 

With only hours to spare we are closing out World Doula Week.
Ironically enough, we hired our doula for Baby Lewis 2.0 this week too!

Since Cora's birth I have become passionate about women making informed decisions about pregnancy and birth. I don't believe that my choices are right for everyone, they are just that - choices. I do believe that every woman aught to know and understand her options and risks associated with any and every intervention they are considering!

A Doula can be instrumental in helping a pregnant family to know and understand their options.
Doula's are not just for those wishing for an unmedicated labor and birth!
Doulas support the birth you want!

Doula's help you deal with the unexpected!
the unexpected is just a reality during labor and birth! Change is almost constantly happening and it isn't at all a far fetched idea to have a care provider walk in and say that suddenly something has to change, they want to introduce a new technique, intervention, who knows what. You may or may not have read up on whatever your care provider is suggesting and what the risks may be. Your Doula however, this is what she does! She is around birth professionally, she is in your corner. She will help you translate all that medical-speak and help you make an informed decision about what is best for you and your baby!

Doula's help to keep Active Labor Progressing
(aka shorter labors!)
When I was in labor thing seemed to be progressing fine but I needed to keep my pelvis open for baby to continue descending and labor to progress at a good rate. Sure, I would have had a baby eventually regardless of the techniques we used but by keeping labor progressive we shortened labor! I wasn't interested in any of the positions that opened my pelvis because it made contractions so much more intense. My doula made a great suggestion on positioning that opened my pelvis and coping techniques so that I could not only handle the intensity but I was actually able to sleep between contractions! 

Doula's can help you have an unmedicated birth!
I have run into so many women who say something along the lines of "I really wish I could have an unmedicated birth but I just can't deal with the pain". Women who have unmedicated births aren't extraordinary. They are just like you and me! One of the big things that makes a difference is knowing how to cope and deal with the pain, and a doula is educated and can help with that exactly!

These are just a few things that doulas do!
I am so excited to announce that this fall (after baby Lewis 2.0 arrives & we settle into being a family of 4) I will start training to become a Doula!

I can't wait to share more about my journey to becoming a Doula!
I couldn't be more excited to start on this path of serving pregnant and laboring mommas!

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