Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Finish This #62


This week's prompt for Finish this with Nicole 

I have $250,000 to spend as I wish, so I purchase …

 Well this is actually something that I've given a ridiculous amount of thought to. 
Not specifically what I'd do with $250K, but what we'd do with a large sum of money in general.

We're pretty boring, I'd pay off debt. I'm pleased to say that $250K would more than pay off all of our student loans, car and medical debts at this point today with money left over!

The remaining money I'd put towards building our dream home! Our "dream home" isn't what most people think of when they say "dream home". I feel like it is really quite practical and in this hypothetical windfall of money after paying off debt we would have enough to build this "dream home" with cash or very close to a cash-build (yay for not adding any debt!)!

If we were being a little frivolous and rather than simply paying off debt or just building the house, if I wanted to splurge a little I think we'd purchase a travel trailer. That's been on our list of things that if money were no issue we'd make an investment in. It just seems like such a wholesome family activity that one purchase can span a decade or more of use! We love tent camping but it's just such an undertaking to prepare all the gear and get it packed, we generally only make a trip once a year. I really think a travel trailer would allow us more freedom as everything could stay packed in it except clothes and you pack those for any trip, so no big deal!

 What would you do with a large sum of unexpected money? 

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  1. GOOD FOR YOU!!!!! Smart spending and investing .... in yourself and your future. I've suggested to Husband we should 'rent' a travel trailer or motorhome and just start driving. Wherever we end up, we stay a couple of days and find adventure. Then, drive some more. I'd love it but he is a HOME BODY and hates to travel. Heck, I can't even get him out to dinner for a date! LOL


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