Monday, January 2, 2012

Knocking them out!

       This past weekend I completed my second pin - and didn't really even mean to!  My little cousin turned three!! He is turning into quite the young man!  I had been talking to my Aunt for a while about making a construction or tractor cake for his birthday for a while. I had seen several cakes for inspiration on Pinterest, (my favorite website!).
       Due to some change in schedules my Aunt moved my cousins birthday party back from next weekend to this weekend. (We're all pretty lame and none of us have any big New Years Eve plans) I thought that I would have a whole week to prep for his cake but when plans changed I had about 8 hours to make what I thought would take 3 days! Well, lucky for me my Aunt does a good job keeping my elaborate, time consuming plans that are totally unrealistic grounded. So, I cut out some of the unnecessary (although cool) parts of the cake and focused on the big picture.
       Introducing the cake I baked for an event I was not hosting! (Cross off number 51!)

I apologize for the picture being sideways - I cannot figure out how to rotate. The saved image was the right direction. Grr...

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