Thursday, December 8, 2011

In no particular order...

       Number 13 on my 101 List is to finish all the major house repairs. Well, if you're superstitious then you're probably right on this one. The number 13 on our list is a bugger of a task. It will probably take one little thing a day for the entire 1001 days to get all of these tasks completed so this can be crossed off the list.
      Some of the things on this list actually have to be done in an order - hence the sub-points, and many of these things need to be finished before we can do several of the other things on our 101 list. We are very grateful that we have a roof over our heads, but that doesn't change the fact that as of now - I would DIE if I were to have a friend show up at my front door. A fact that drives both John and I nuts since we would both love to entertain often.
  1.  Remove linoleum from kitchen floor
  2. Rip carpet out of dining room
  3. Rip carpet out of living room
  4. Fix hole in little bathroom wall
  5. Replace tile fixtures on big bathroom vanity
  6. Replace bathtub in big bathroom
  7. Paint front door
  8. Replace lattice work on front porch
  9. Paint dining room
  10. Paint big bathroom
  11. Install a shelf above the door of the little bathroom
  12. Paint the Little bathroom
  13. Replace the little bathroom door
  14. Install sheet rock on South wall in kitchen
  15. Paint our bedroom
  16. Rip carpet out of our bedroom
    • Completed 6/10/12
  17. Paint the guest room
  18. Rip carpet out of Guest Room
  19. Finish the patio
    • Pallet table
    • paint stones on pathway
    • create stepping stones with quick cement
  20. Paint the living room
  21. Screen door for front porch
  22. Build cabinets for front porch
    • Clean/organize front porch
    •  Paint the porch
  23. Clean out cabinets above Washer and Dryer - fill with dishes
    • Completed May 2012
  24. Resolve pantry issue
  25. Paint storage building
  26. Replace old housing panels
  27. Build lattice work screens for West facing windows
    • grow vines up the lattice work for shade
  28. Remove broken back french doors and replace with a single door
    • install sheet rock
    • texture & paint
  29.  Repair front security light 
    • rebuild that corner of wood
  30. Replace/Repair boards on the house between eves and walls
  31. Move swing set
    • Paint and repair swings
  32. Build a front "play yard" that includes the swing set and garden, section for dogs too
  33. Repair the roof
I'm sure as time goes on this task list will grow, but for now these are the tasks that need to be done and then some that should be done for my mental well being.

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