Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pinterest Love

       If you aren't familiar with the wonderful world of Pinterest - you need to be!! Some people just use it to collect other peoples "pins" - but in my case where I had been saving pictures of products, websites and blogs to my Microsoft OneNote - this was a great breakthrough!! I could save the same things, in a very similar fashion (using "pin boards" rather than pages in the software) but even better was I could share them with my friends on Pinterest, send it over with a simple "like" on to Facebook and access it from any computer, or of course my handy dandy phone!

       You have to be invited to join - or you can put your name on the waiting list. So, if you would like to join - send me your email address and I will invite you!! You should know, it is highly addicting!!

       Number 79 on my 101 List is to complete at minimum 25 of my pins from Pinterest. There are so many great ideas for crafts or storage and holidays ... that if I didn't put a goal and deadline out there I would simply be collecting pictures of pretty things and good ideas for nothing! I went through my various pin boards and picked the ones that I really wanted throughout the year but just didn't have time to do and created a spot for them all together (click the here to see my inspirations!).

       The pins I picked to complete were a wide range of tasks and projects. Many of them were several small projects encompassed in a larger overall goal.

  1. Decorate Ceramic Pumpkins
  2. Make a t-shirt quilt from my high school t-shirts
  3. Create an activity Advent Calendar
  4. DIY ornate Christmas Trees
  5. Fancy up our boring Christmas baubles
  6. Make organic wallflowers
  7. Make a Texas Tech Wreath
  8. Put all our wedding cards into a booklet
  9. Turn all my hangers around in my closet to know which clothes to get rid of half way through the year. (completed 1/17/12 - will clean out the closet again in July)
  10. Paint my knife block to match my kitchen
  11. Start a years worth of memory jar to read on New Years Eve each year.
  12. Get cheap wine goblets to use as candle holders and use them to tablescape at a dinner party
  13. Make Garlic Paremesan pull apart bread
  14. Make a shadow box with keys from our past homes
  15. Try the green Shreck smoothie
  16. Put together a memorabilia frame of things from our wedding - store away what I don't use
  17. create a cupcake stand out of plates and tea cups
  18. Set up storage for wrapping paper on a closet ceiling
  19. make tile coasters out of our monogrammed wedding napkins
  20. Go through and do everything on the daily, weekly, and month cleaning checklist by Martha Stewart in our house to create a really clean home... then I will hopefully maintain it.
  21. Set up and grow a pot of onions
  22. Create a "dates to remember" frame
  23. Make a year round wreath for our front door
  24. Create a visual weight loss aid
  25. Make a baby mobile. Be it for myself (should the need arise) or for a friend!

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