Tuesday, January 12, 2016

New Beginnings - January Goals

When New Years rolls around I usually don't make resolutions. It's just not my thing. Sometimes I'll make goals for the year a few days later on my birthday, so basically New Years resolutions but less about the year and more about personal growth and goals. 

This year I made several resolutions and have many goals of things I want to get done this year. This year it's just different. I feel like I'm finally getting back on top of my life rather than letting life rule me. This is really the first time I've felt this way since about October 2014 when we moved out of our rent house. We moved, which is always a crazy time plus it included tons of work on our project house so we were staying with my dad. Love my father and that he was able to help us in this way but my Dad, Uncle, brother, John, Cora and I under one roof with one bathroom... that was a challenge. Then we learn I'm pregnant in November. Pregnancy, winter (cold and complicating house repairs), prenatal depression... we didn't find a "normal" until almost April. Even then our "normal" was trying to stay on top of our life until Ada's arrival. 

After Ada was born I was sure we'd get out of the fog and find a good, new normal routine but I started training to become a Doula at 1 week postpartum and took a job at 4 weeks postpartum. For months if you asked me how old Ada was I would reply 5 weeks old. It seemed like we got to that point and time stopped turning because we were in survival mode for what seemed like forever. I love my girls with all my being but being a mom of two girls is hard! (and every parent of more than one child said "Amen"... while moms of 3+ are laughing)

Life is finally, not easy, but manageable. I'm so excited to try new things, see what works for us. Start new routines! This year, New Years has felt like a clean slate and a new beginning.

My January Goals are:
- To finish all my required readings for Doula Training!
- To blog at least 4 times
- To get caught up on housework
- Plan a Date Night for our 5th Anniversary!

In my 2015 Year in Review Post I listed my New Years Resolutions as:

- To increase our savings account for building our house (we have a specific goal, I'm just not sharing it here for the world to see :) )
- To eliminate (again...) some of our unsecured debt (medical, credit card). 
I have personally set goals of: 
- Running a mile without stopping (one of my goals on my 101 list)
- To improve my language (I don't curse much but I don't want Cora and Ada picking up and saying words like "shut up" "stupid" etc.)
- I'm giving up cokes entirely (wahhhh!)
- Cutting back on the paper products we are using in the house and to start recycling again.  
- To be intentional with the girls. We're planning to do a homeschool preschool program next fall, so I need to start planning that out and getting prepared. We'd like to start having a family devotional together with the girls too.
For my business and blog:
- Have 4 doula clients by year end
- To blog more. I haven't decided exactly how to measure this but I wish I had spent more time blogging this year. Mommy of 2 and Doula training has created a bit of a blogging time challenge. 
I'm also really looking forward to marking some of my goals off of my 101 List

Did you make any New Years Resolutions?
What are your January goals?

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