Friday, April 20, 2012

Teacher Appreciation with Thirty-One

     Teacher Appreciation Week is May 7 - 11 this year.    

     What better way to tell the hard working teachers and staff at your school you appreciate all that they do than with a Thirty-One bag or tote?!  Thirty-One has many great bags and totes that are great for teachers to use daily.  I have listed 3 popular choices for teachers below along with a special incentive available exclusively to you for shopping with me!

     The first product I think the teachers would love is our Organizing Utility Tote.  I personally know several teachers who love their Organizing Utility Tote and it is my all time favorite bag! The Organizing Utility Tote comes in 10 current prints and 2 additional prints in the Favorites Collection. It has 5!! outside pockets and two mesh pockets on the ends. This bag is $25 and for every 5 you purchase, you will get 1 free! For an additional $7, you could personalize each thermal tote with the teachers name! Who doesn't love a personalized bag!?!

     The next product teachers love is the Littles Carry-All Caddy!  There are so many uses for this that every teacher is sure to find a great use for it.  They could put it on their desk to hold a kleenex box and put hand sanitizer in the front pocket.  They could use it for office supplies or to put flashcards, chapter books, notepads in.  Each teacher is sure to have their own idea about how to use this awesome caddy! These caddies are $12 and can be personalized for an additional $7. Littles Carry-All Caddy is available in 7 patterns.  For every 9 you purchase, you will get 1 free!

      The last product that I would gift specifically for teachers is the All-In-One organizer!  This organizer is the perfect size for file folders, books and lesson plans.  Teachers will love the All-In-One Organizer for it’s easy portability much like the Organizing Utility Tote, but a smaller option.  Going from room to room or even from school to home is a breeze with this item.  There are 2 mesh pockets on the side for pens, pencils, sanitizer, or whatever.  This organizer is $20 and can be personalized for an additional $7.  For every 7 you buy, you will get 1 free!  The All-In-One organizer is available in 7 great patterns!

     These are my recommendations but there are other great products you could choose from on my website:  If you are interested in purchasing these or any of our other products for your teaching staff, please contact me, my email address is .  I would love to help you reward your teachers for their hard work all year long!

    Once orders are placed, it takes about 2.5 weeks to arrive so this is the time to order!

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