Sunday, February 12, 2012

My "Why"

     I am a creature of habits. I thrive on routines, if I don't have a routine or a schedule I literally break down.  Not in a crying heap or unable to function, break down - like absolutely nothing gets done. For example; when I wake up in the mornings if I do not make myself go get in the shower right that very minute (or sometimes after a quick breakfast but before checking emails) I won't make it to the shower until 15 minutes (or less...) before I need to walk out the door. Oh, and no worries if I'm running that late to shower, don't delude yourselves to think, oh well surely she actually knows what she's wearing - because no, those are the days I run around the house in a towel (because my bedroom, bathroom and closet are in 3 separate parts of the house) muttering about how I don't have enough clothes and how much I hate that I didn't just make a schedule and stick to it. These are the bad things about having such an open schedule in my mornings (have I recently mentioned that I love my job?!?!)

     This is why I decided to become a consultant with Thirty-One. Yes, I put it on my 101 list as a "do something I wouldn't usually do" but I didn't really explain that. Along with my habitual schedule (good or bad) I tend to not take leaps.  I always find reasons to not do what I want to do (or need to...).  I had been considering joining Thirty-One since the fall. Every month I found a reason not to, some were legitimate, but mostly it was a steady stream of excuses because it might be something that I try and utterly fail at. I think it is important that I try, though.

     I love, love, love the company! I seriously can't find a single thing I don't like about them! It is a Christian based company that stands on the principles of supporting and encouraging women! I love their products! Even if I weren't a consultant I would still probably be well on my way towards owning everything they offer!

    My favorite part, the part that I really didn't expect; is how much fun I am having! Thirty-One is coming out of my mouth all the time! It is something I'm passionate about! It's great! I knew that it would be "fun", as in something to do, something to set goals with and work towards growing as a person - but I am having genuine fun!

     So, ask me about Thirty-One and how you can enjoy the fun too! Or don't, but I'll share the fun with you anyway! : )

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  1. Thank you for sharing! :) It makes me even more excited to hear how much you are loving it, and all my 'nagging' paid off :)


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