Tuesday, June 6, 2017

This and That - Life Lately

In a mostly successful attempt to be less attached to my cell phone I haven't been taking many pictures of life lately. Here's a run down of life the last couple of weeks! 

Memorial Day weekend should have been dubbed the weekend of cakes! Both my Uncle and my Mother-in-law have birthdays on the 26th. We celebrated John's mom's birthday on Friday with Italian food and a Red Velvet bundt cake with delicious cream cheese frosting. 

 Saturday we spent a good chunk of the day celebrating one of my cousins graduation from High School. He will be joining the Army at the end of the summer. We are so proud of him! 

Sunday was church and I was taking the girls solo because John was with my Great Uncle B and another Uncle for the Dean and Deluca golf tournament at the Colonial. For some dumb reason I had volunteered to bring breakfast for the girls teachers knowing I'd be solo-parenting that day and the morning went about as poorly as you'd imagine. I finally dropped the girls off with cinnamon rolls that had clearly been iced while too hot 30 minutes after services started. 

 Monday we celebrated Memorial Day with my Dad's family. The girls loved swimming with their cousins. Cora is still afraid of the water some, but if her cousin pulls her around in the water it's fine but Mommy isn't trustworthy apparently lol

I stayed up late Sunday night making my uncle a birthday cake/Memorial Day cake. I ran out of powdered sugar for white icing (thanks to the little helpers having dumped a few cups of sugar onto the floor) so rather than driving the 30 minutes to the store very late at night I whipped some up in the food processor. It was a little gritty but not bad! 

My Dad and Uncle continue the tradition their father started of buying a T-Bone steak for my uncle Ted for his birthday. They take it a little further than Granda had though... this steak was 2 inches thick and 38 ounces! It took some research just to know how to grill it! 

We've been making a point of going to the splash pad in town at least once a week! The girls are so tired and rest so well afterward, mommy loves it! It makes for a great mommy play date as we chat watching the kids (also super nice that they can't drown in the water) from the shaded pavilions. Sometimes I'll go without a scheduled play date and I sit back enjoying my books with Audible narration or pod casts. 

This past Saturday I co-hosted a shower for a dear friend! So excited for them and their sweet baby boy! 

We're rapidly approaching vacation and life will likely be pretty busy when we return so I'm enjoying the leisurely pace of summer for the time being! I'm off to the kitchen to make a few dozen breakfast burritos! 

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