Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Keeping all the balls in the air

Yesterday as I was leaving my twice monthly Bible Study a new friend stopped me and asked how I "do it". How do I manage running my own company, working full time, being a mom and keeping a house. At first I was flattered, to think that my reoccurring hot mess act has anyone thinking I am doing much more than keeping my head above water. It was probably the illusion that I had make up on for once, but in reality that was the make up I had put on for a party the night before. ;)

A photo from November, because clearly not on the ball with backing my pictures up!

I was quick to tell her that "I don't". Plain and simple, I don't do it all. If I'm on top of the behind the scenes stuff for work, my house is in ruins around me. If I'm managing my housework, I am behind on managing SEO and networking for my business. I constantly struggle with 'mom guilt' about whether I'm spending enough time and individual attention for the girls. Let's not even talk about this little piece of neglect in my life... blogging just doesn't seem to happen, ever, even though it's something I love doing! Oh and exercising... that's a laughable concept at this point. (and the list of things that I would love to have time for but just don't, is not limited to these two things by any means!)

At the birth center after doing a couple of all night births - it was Thanksgiving and I proceeded to sleep through the rest of the day. I'm telling you, hot mess!

I would love to tell you how I manage what I do, but honestly I'm still figuring so much of it out. I've started being more intentional with a schedule for the family. A specific get-up time which lends the girls to actually take a nap at a specific time (crazy right?!?) and bed time has been easier. I've also started cutting back and being more realistic about what my work to-do list looks like. Instead of having daily tasks, I have weekly tasks to get through.  A schedule with the girls has helped a lot too. We're still fine tuning it, but for the first time in months we're managing to do our preschool activities and circle time in the mornings before lunch & naps. 

I have also been using the She Reads Truth app & a Bible app to spend some time in the Word each day. I have always had a big hang up with the idea of reading the Bible on my phone. I felt like I aught to be able to make time to sit down and open my physical Bible. Let's get real, that was happening so very rarely. at least I'm actually reading this way! It really helps to fill my cup so I'm not so empty trying to pour into my first and most important ministry, my family. 

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So, if you see someone you think is doing it all - chances are she's just like you, doing her best to tread water.

By the way -  I have a new Facebook page for my blog, it's pretty much crickets over there, but eventually, maybe it won't be. You can check it out here -

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