Monday, April 6, 2015

Count Down to Baby #1 {22 Weeks}

For posterity sake I wanted to post this. I wrote out many more bump updates than I actually published for Cora. Usually because I was too busy or tired to take pictures of my growing bump in the first trimester and I usually wouldn't post if I didn't have the picture. It's been fun for me to look back at these posts from my pregnancy with her verses baby #2. 
Date: June 19, 2013

Due Date: Still set for October 22 - we'll get that confirmed when we finally get our 20 week anatomy scan in a week.

How far along?:  22 Weeks & 1 day!

Weight Gain: Overall, none - I've gained back all that I had lost from my 1st trimester vomit-escapades, but I haven't gained any over my pre-pregnancy weight!

My baby is the size of a:  Papaya (I can't get over how big that is?!? - they're really more referring to the length, but still!!)

Maternity Clothes: I can still fit into a few larger t-shirts but that's it for non-maternity clothes.

Stretch Marks:Yes - I have the same 3 that popped up out of no where early on in the pregnancy. :(

Belly Button In or Out: Out and quite uncomfortable when touched or bumped into things.

Wedding Ring on or off: On & loose - not too much swelling so far!

Symptoms: Some round ligament pain where baby is pushing really hard on my lower belly but other than that not much!! The second trimester is great! :)

Cravings: The other day I was certain that I would DIE if I did not have Ramen noodles & apples with caramel dip. I generally don't crave much out of the ordinary and am not eating too terribly much more than normal, so that was less than fun to feel like the crazy pregnant lady who HAD to have a food!

The husband was very sweet and stopped off for my food on his way home!

Aversions:Chinese food, granola bars, orange juice, milk... that's it off the top of my head - generally anything that I threw up a bunch in the 1st trimester.

Sleep:I'm getting a minimum of 9 hours a night, I prefer to get 10 but when it's time for bed I'm ready to crash!

I am loving: Planning out the nursery!!

I miss: Swimming in non-chlorinated water and being able to stay outside longer than .25 seconds without thinking I'm melting.

I am looking forward to: Moving in 12 days (but who's counting?) and getting to nest!

I'm freaking out about: Nothing comes to mind.

Best moment this week: John is really getting to feel the kicks when they're strong and we can predict where they'll hit.

Worst moment this week: I'm not yet accustomed to how big my bump is and the added weight it puts in front - so I got a little off balance and took a fairly hard tumble. I'm super sore but I was able to somewhat protect my belly in the fall. After 2 hours of laying still for kick counts I was confident that baby was okay and I went on into work (just very late!).

Emotions: Pretty stable - no random jags of crying. I get grumpy sometimes but I think that's more related to being tired than anything. 

Milestones: We're over half way!! 2 more weeks & we will have a viable baby!! :) :) :)

Movement: Yes! Lots! I can't quite distinguish general movement for rolling or hands etc yet - but can register the movement as the baby and not my tummy grumbling. Kicks are the most distinct.

It's a...:GIRL!!

Exercise: Nothing specific - but we're packing up the house like crazy and I like to think that I can count that as exercise.

Diet: Pretty normal! I generally eat as I did before pregnancy and I don't eat too terribly much more than pre-bump days.

Upcoming Goals: Get moved & start setting up the nursery. Sand down the dresser, paint and put on new hardware for baby's room. Baby Proof the house as we move in. Wash the clothes we have for baby girl and get them into her closet.

Nursery: We've gotten a crib, decided which dresser to use for her room and changing table, now to just move and start setting it all up!

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