Monday, August 4, 2014

What's On my Wishlist

When the holidays roll around (and with my birthday being so close to Christmas, I don't usually get gifts, so I'm pretty much talking once a year here...) my wish list can be a little ridiculous!  Come December, I've spent the last 11 months compiling my wish list.
In some ways I'm the most overly practical person I know. I will splurge and purchase things (sometimes unnecessary) for John and Cora, but I find it hard to justify spending money on myself. I just really value saving money, so I have to be really sure that something I'm going to spend good money on is something I both need and want.

Currently on my wishlist:

Samyo 100ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil Purifier Diffuser Air Humidifier with 4 Timer Settings & 6 Colors Changing Light

I'm clearly a wild one here, wait until you hear how I picked this particular one. It is the least expensive that has good enough reviews that I don't think it'll break in the first while of use.

One would think that the double beverage dispenser is the less practical side of me coming out... but alas no. Well kind of no. Who doesn't love cute glass ware that makes entertaining fun? I love pulling out dishes for entertaining but this particular item is something I'll be getting for punch at my brothers upcoming nuptials.

Now we're getting to my weaknesses. I love TOMS!! I wear them (or a similar style shoe) practically every day! With dresses, shorts, jeans - you name it! I love how versatile they are and I think they're just adorable! Mine are far more practical than this pair, but aren't these cute! I saw them in the catalog the other day and they just might make it to my Christmas wishlist :)

Honestly that is about it for my wishlist. There are a few other things that I need, honest to goodness needs (read another pair of jeans that fit - I have one pair, new bra, other such fun things...), but part of my long history (and success) of keeping from buying impulsively and sticking to a strict budget (and paying off debt!!) means that I've gotten really good at denying myself the fun of making mental wishlists that I really can't afford to fulfill.

What's on your wishlist? I hope it's more fun than mine!

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  1. I seriously love your wish list! I have a diffuser so other than that, the other things you have I would SO take in a heart beat! lol. Those dispensers are way cute and I could use them for the nights we have life links at our house. seriously I'm always re-making tea or lemonade...if I had those I would be set for the night. haha

  2. Stopping by from the link up. It's like you're speaking directly to me with these things--- I have 4 pairs of toms already! Love the beverage dispensers. But I borrow mine from a friend!
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