Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tea Cup Exchange

I recently participated in a teacup exchange on Stephanie's Blog, The Enchanting Rose

This is the second time I've done a teacup exchange with her, and both times have been such a blessing! I found Stephanie through Lauren and we use these exchanges as an opportunity to go out together and pick out tea cups for our recipients. We were discussing all the wonderful people we have the opportunity to meet through this exchange and both agreed that it really says something about Stephanie and her beautiful spirit that she has such wonderful, friendly and generous readers! So thank you Stephanie, I know it must be a lot of work to get this exchange together but what a joy it is to participate!!

Speaking of those beautiful people we get the opportunity to meet... I received my teacup from Olivia. First of all, not only is my tea cup beautiful!! She wrapped the box beautifully, I loved how special I felt opening such a gorgeous package! Inside the beautiful box she sent many goodies with the great tea cup!

I've learned that Olivia is quite the crafty person - look at this awesome banner she sent me! I just LOVE it! It's still hanging in my kitchen and I smile every time I see it! Thank you Olivia!!

I sent a teacup to Beth. My Mommy brain was in full swing so I don't have a picture of the tea cup I sent her, but I loved how simple and classic it was! It reminded me of having tea parties with my Granny as a little girl! Hop over to her blog to see it!


  1. Hey Rebekah! Oliva sent you some beautiful items and I just love the Spring banner! That is something you will enjoy for many years to come :)

    The tea cup is very pretty with the sweet purple flowers - perfect for Spring as well.

    It truly is my joy to host the tea cup exchanges and I am so glad you participated :) Hugs to you!

  2. Hi Rebekah! The teacup swap was fun. I love your tea cup with the purple flowers. It's amazing how many different designs there are. Everyone's cup is totally different! The Spring banner is fantastic!

  3. Hello Rebekah,
    That is such a dainty little tea cup, just beautiful! My daughter, Stephanie has a beautiful way of connecting ladies through this exchange. This is my third exchange and I have made some precious friends and memories.
    Your post for this was just lovely and heart felt. :-)
    Enjoy your blessings, Debbie

  4. Hi Rebeckah! I'm so happy & glad that you love your teacup!!! I'm very blessed that I have connected with you. God Bless.

  5. Hi Rebekah! Our middle daughter is Rebekah! But I saw you participated in the Tea Cup Swap and I am a lover of all things tea so I came over to say hi and join your blog following by e mail. That blasted google gives me fits!I love the teacup. I have a quilt two of my bloggy friends created for me because I love tea cups! They made me cry when I received it. I have made some wonderful friends here. Your blog is great and I will enjoy knowing you here. Hugs, Anne


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