Monday, October 3, 2011

So much time, so little done.

Yes, I know that it has been 5 months since we last posted, so you would assume we have made amazing progress on the house... yeeeahhhhh, not so much. Since we both work and have other obligations we stay pretty busy. Also, not many of these projects are one person adventures.

We got moved in with only a few casualties. We killed a bookshelf, frustrating but cheap to replace (since it was walmart furniture to begin with), and we lost a lamp. Based on the way we moved (remember that whole trash bag technique - I don't recommend it!) not too shabby.

Project number one was setting up the bedroom! It is absolutely amazing how much furniture we have fit into a very, very small room. (Read: 2 night stands, a jewelry armour, a small chest of drawers and dresser... oh and let's not forget the bed it's self). I'll have to post pictures to express the enormity of this accomplishment! This little project came with challenges of its own. When we officially moved into the house there were very large aquariums and a love seat being stored in the room. We couldn't put any furniture in it, particularly the queen sized bed. The first night I slept there John worked an overnight shift and I laid in a chair with my feet propped up on an exercise ball. Not the best nights rest.

Then there was the construction of the bed frame.... I have a wonderful younger brother who I do believe could fix just about anything. All three of my brothers are really quite handy! Josh had put together the bed when it was delivered to our first house, all I had done was hold parts where he needed me. Why on God's green earth did I think that I could handle holding large heavy pieces of frame while connecting others when I didn't even know where to put them?!? It took a week to coordinate our schedules for him to come and construct the sucker for me (John was still working 2 jobs - I didn't have the heart to ask him to do yet another something for me). And Wait, There's More! We misplaced the hardware for the headboard and foot board. Which turned out to not be such an awful thing. They became our ghetto clothes racks!

Clothes racks you ask? There is only one closet in the entire house... it is in the end of the house we currently aren't using. Due to stacked furniture and boxes and all kinds of junk my brothers and I need to sort through from our childhood, we can't even get to that closet right now.

The kitchen is set up, and just as I feared, there is sooo not enough space for all my stuff! And I really don't have that much "stuff". I was able to pick up some dresser drawers off craigslist that are painted in funky colors that I think are fun. I filled them with the things that are seasonal or only occasionally used in the kitchen and have put them in the waisted space between the cabinets and ceiling. Best of all, it was FREE!!!

The dining room is a large open area with our hallway of a kitchen divided off by a bar height counter top. It is currently serving as our living room as well. The couches are still stacked in the other end of the house, aka what will be our living room.
So translation on the dining room is: the chair (my bed that first night), exercise ball, the TV, our table and a stack of chairs. The table has one dining chair and one office chair pulled up to it and sits next to a neat stack of end tables on top of the coffee table with boxes placed in the cubby-like holes the legs create. NOT ideal, and driving me NUTS!!

We pretty much brought it on ourselves with how we moved and didn't wait to take care of some of these known space problems (like getting rid of the pre-existing stuff before adding our own). But after this much time. I am ready to have a "HOUSE"; or at least a place to have my couch on the floor, where I can sit on it rather than, where the couch currently presides; on top of a bookshelf and stack of boxes. : (

I will do my best to catch up on some of the 5 months of events. Most of which are interesting learning experiences in their own right, all of which were time consuming set backs.

To no one's surprise, we are Living & Learning!

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