Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Things...

I am Rebekah and I am married to the Love of My Life, John! We were married this past January and have been together for two years now. Although we have only been married for a short few months, life is moving along quickly. We're still in that honeymoon stage and have lovey dovey emotions for each other; but real life is here and we have to face it.

John and I are both very proud people. We frequently discuss how although it was difficult (and at times near impossible), we have worked our rears off for everything we have! Unfortunately, sometimes that means sacrifice, something we're both familiar with.

This is meant to be a journal and a source of sanity as we embark on the journey and work towards our ultimate goals. I'm sure there will be drama along the way, but what would life be without challenges?

What doesn't kill us makes us stronger...
and This. Just. Might. Kill. Me....

My father and late mother are very much like John and I. They worked for everything they had. When I was about four, they bought a piece of property; 4 acers and a small awkward house. Their plan was to build their dream home on the land. (Forgive me for summarizing about 18 years into a paragraph!) Hard work and years later we were ready to break ground on a house when my father lost his job. Finances and the health of my brother quickly fell apart. The house had MAJOR issues but they were tolerable when you had the goal in sight and unbearable when that goal was ripped away. When I visit the house, there are some very mixed emotions; especially since the last of my time there was as my mother was beginning to lose the race with cancer.

All of this is important because... John and I are moving into the house. We are both terrified that the broken dreams and past will cloud into our relationship. However, we know that it is the most financially responsible decision we could make at this point in our lives. We are a one car family, and truly need a second car. We also really need to get out of debt, or we will not have the chance at our dreams in anything resembling the near future. Living rent free is going to give us much more financial freedom to pay off debt and start building a nest egg for our future.

I just hope the cost is worth the gain.

So join us on our path to financial freedom && everything that comes with it along the way! We'll start with house repairs and then the joys of moving (from a 3 bedroom house into a 1.5 bedroom house). Who knows what else the future has in store for us, but I'm sure there will not be many dull moments.

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